Over one thousand artifacts belonging to the Davison-Kennedy home and the Wallace and Area Museum Society Collection have been catalogued. This number of artifacts allows for exhibit changes several times a year. The Society’s Statement of Purpose directs the Society to follow several display themes such as: the Davison Family, Wallace history, area Industrial history and Francis Grant’s writings. While these themes remain the same, often the artifacts and stories change within each topic. Some of the exhibit topics for the past few years were: 

Native Baskets and Basket Making
Illustrated London News (1853-1860)
Marine Charts and Maps of the Nineteenth Century
Pre Lithographs of Charles Dickens Stories
Canadian Military Heritage
Pre-Confederation Letters
The Wallace Sandstone Quarries
The United Empire Loyalist Grant

Shipbuilding in Wallace and Area Museum: the exhibit during the summer of 2011 focused on the rich shipbuilding heritage of Wallace, highlighting many years of shipbuilding and its golden age from 1830 to 1870. Over the years, 200 ships were constructed in Wallace. Records show there were eleven shipyards in Wallace in 1852. 

Top 25 artifacts in the Museum’s Collection
The Dr. Mitchell Stone House
The Wallace “Strait News”
Antique Toys
Grant Family History
Hat Collection
Butter Making Equipment 
Queen Elizabeth – The Queen Mother
The Great Astronomer Simon Newcomb
Lithographs of Charles Dickens Stories
Canadian Military Heritage